wood and furniture

SCT supplies both manual and automated spray and coating equipment for furniture and wood finishing.

This includes equipment suitable for spraying paints, stains, lacquers, high-gloss materials and polyurethane or polyester. The ideal spray or coating equipment can enable you to:

  • improve efficiency and finish quality to meet high industry demands
  • reduce overspray and save on materials
  • provide a safer and healthier working environment

We also supply glue extrusion equipment for mattresses and furniture. This is ideal for:

  • assembling mattress bases or mattress layers
  • general furniture assembly and upholstery

If you need a spray or fluid transfer solution in the wood and furniture products industry, contact us for the best range of equipment and expert advice.

Automotive components

Surface Coating Technologies has specialised solutions for the automotive market include paint circulation systems and dispensing units for sealant and adhesive materials. We supply equipment for:

  • Application of protective and decorative coatings
  • Spraying components such as bumpers, springs, wheels or axles
  • Manual or automated plants

If you need a spray or fluid transfer solution in the automotive components industry, contact us

EngPipes Cropped

Surface Coating Technologies supplies heavy-duty spray and fluid transfer equipment in the engineering industry for corrosion protection including:

  • Spraying of steelwork, structural steel, pipes and heavy machinery
  • Application of single- & multi- component protective coatings
  • Epoxy coatings

If you need a spray or fluid transfer solution in the engineering industry, contact us

Crane Hauling Coal, Duisberg, Germany

Surface Coating Technologies supplies specialised fluid handling and spray equipment available for use in the mining industry:

  • Spraying of steelwork, structural steel, pipes and mining machinery
  • Application of single- and multi- component protective coatings
  • Large volume pumps for sludge & water removal
  • General refurbishing and maintenance of mining equipment

If you need a spray or fluid transfer solution in the mining industry, contact us

Packaging Cropped

Surface Coating Technologies has spray and gluing equipment for both protection and decorative purposes in packaging:

  • Glue application for cardboard boxes
  • Application of protective non-scratch coatings for glass
  • Automated systems for high volume manufacturers
  • Coating of steel drums – protective or decorative

If you need a spray or fluid transfer solution in the packaging industry, contact us


Surface Coating Technology's equipment is suitable for use across the aviation and railway industry. We supply fluid transfer and spray equipment for:

  • Specialised aerospace coatings
  • Spraying of entire aircrafts or aircraft components
  • Spraying of railway carriages with heavy-duty water- or solvent- based materials

If you need a spray or fluid transfer solution in the aviation or railway industry, contact us

Bakery bread

Spray and fluid transfer equipment is extensively used throughout the food and beverage industry:

  • Transfer liquids or beverages more efficiently
  • Apply decorative material such as glazing in confectioneries
  • Automate supply of materials for example release agent in the baking industry
  • We supply equipment that complies with food safety regulations

If you need a spray or fluid transfer solution in the food and beverage industry, contact us

Makeup artist and hair stylist Lisa Merritt Lee, right, owner of Alluring Faces, applies airbrush makeup to model Valerie Trueba at her studio, February 29, 2008, in Miami, Florida. (Al Diaz/Miami Herald/MCT)

Our airbrushing equipment and accessories are used throughout the art and beauty industry, including:

  • Fine finish artwork
  • Paintings, posters or murals
  • Decorative automotive painting (car bonnets, motorbike helmets)
  • Spray tanning
  • Nailbrush art
  • Body art (temporary tattoos)

If you need a spray or airbrush solution in the art and beauty industry, contact us


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